Importance Of Community Development, Empowerment, And Education

Community development lets the people come together to solve a problem collectively. People get together to make their community a better place and make them stronger together.

Why is community development important?

It provides a foundation for the town to improve the living conditions of the citizens. It embraces diversity and helps overcome the problems. It enables the citizens to be healthier, wealthier, happier, and lead a better quality of life. Businesses would perform well when the whole community does well financially. Also, it would lead to lesser crimes and discrimination and ensure a more talented workforce. Community development is necessary for the economic and mental well being of society. There are many ways of being involved in the development of the community. One can attend the council meetings, volunteer at the local events, talking to the local representatives about the prevailing issues, encouraging other involved, and the likes.




It is a shame that in the current times, people are still discriminated against on the basis of their gender, region, sexual orientation, etc. Women are still not considered on par with men and paid less than their counterparts. Empowering women is important as it strengthens the whole society. It provides them with equality in regards to economy, politics, society, and education. It allows the women to choose their lives and be their own individuals in the society, which boosts their self-esteem. It is important for everybody to be financially independent. Women empowerment helps them pave the way for themselves and support others too.

Importance of education

Education is extremely important to improve the economic condition of the family. A good education helps in gaining knowledge and skills and develops a good attitude and personality. It can turn the life around of an individual. Education is learning to read and write. It is crucial for employment.



Uneducated people are at the receiving end of poverty, and people making a fool out of them because of their lack of knowledge. It also develops better communication skills and refines the whole person. It inculcates maturity and sophistication in the individual and lets them express their views fearless and clearly. Education is the basic right of every individual. It gives hope for a successful life. Most governments around the world have taken this task seriously, to change the future of their respective countries for good. Education has the capability to improve the lives of millions.

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