As a community development foundation, we invite you to join us in building the community. We believe in learning and spreading information to others by delivering the most incredible learning experience with our exceptional community development staff. Let us join our hands and work together for the country's welfare and making it a better place to live.

Saumyamoorthi Thondaman Un Compliance

Vision & Mission

Most countries are grappling with the issue of women’s empowerment. In our foundation, we endeavor to provide the best facilities possible for every woman. We aim to see the community learn by giving the most excellent education possible, whether in person or online. Through various participatory programs, communities should be able to accept each other’s values.

Thondaman Foundation Board

The Foundation works towards these goals at a local level. They interact with the community at a personal level and promote the goals, implement the programmes and monitor progress.


Thonadaman Foundation is an excellent platform that gives high-quality services to those in serious need. It helps promote education at the local level by interacting with communities to learn about their needs.

Youth & Women Empowerment

The biggest challenge we face today is to learn, unlearn and re learn. The age old concept of ‘women are inferior’ needs to give way to ‘the woman is a man’s equal’.


Providing education to the children of today is investing in the country’s progress for tomorrow. The president of Sri Lanka has promised to recruit 3000 teacher to educate the plantation workers…


Learning and teaching have grown much more accessible in recent years. Because education has gone digital, you may now learn using the best education platforms at your own pace.

Community Communications

Communicating in a society is essential because it allows members of a community to understand one another better. We encourage communities to interact with one another in the most significant way possible for the community to grow.

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